Karachi Mobility Project (BRT Yellow Line)


Karachi Mobility Project (Yellow Line BRT)


Sindh Mass Transit Authority (SMTA)


World Bank IBRD loan 8995-PK




ECNEC approved PC-1 in October 2019 at a cost of PKR 61.435 billion.

(1USD=140 PKR).

The PC-1 was prepared based on preliminary designs prepared by M/s NESPAK.

Loan & Project


Loan Agreement was signed between EAD (Govt. of Pakistan) and World Bank ;

Project Agreement was signed between TMTD (Govt. of Sindh) and World Bank – in November 2019.


Project Alignment (21 Kms)

The project's physical alignment starts from Dawood Chowrangi (Landhi) till Khudadad Colony (where it will integrate with the Red BRT project) via Korangi 8000 road, Korangi Road, Shahrah-e-Faisal and Shahrah-e-Quaideen. The Yellow BRT buses will continue till Numaish.

Cost structure:

Cost of YL

The  private’s  sector  share  indicates  the  likely  equity  in  the  BRT  buses  (to  be confirmed through the PPP transaction advisory).

- Date of cost estimation is March 2019.





(based on preliminary design & operational plan study conducted in 2019)

Main Trunk Corridor            21 Kms

At-Grade length                     17.6 Kms

Underpass lengths                  3.4 Kms

Bus Depot                             02

i)  at Dawood Chowrangi (Landhi) 03 acres approx.

ii) at Christian Colony (next to Indus Hospital 11 acres approx.)

BRT Stations                         28

At-grade stations                    22

Underpass stations                  6

Bus Fleet                                268 diesel hybrid buses

Daily expected ridership           300,000/day



Following is the list of procurement packages (for construction) as conceived earlier and included in the Procurement Plan Strategy for Development (PPSD) and Project Appraisal Documents (PAD)

Package 1: Depot No. 1 - Near Dawood Chowrangi

Package 2: Depot No.2 - Near Christian Colony

Package 3: Road Corridor & BRT Infrastructure (from Dawood Chowrangi till Jam Sadiq bridge)

Package 4: 1KM Long Bridge (Jam Sadiq Bridge)  priority package

Package 5: Road Corridor & BRT Infrastructure


Package 6: Off-Corridor Improvements (approx. 65kms)

Newly added procurement package (with the approval of World Bank)

Package 7: prioritized construction of boundary wall & allied facilities for Depot 2 (advertisement published on 21st July 2022)



Procurement   of   consultants   for   the   preparation   of   Detailed   Design,

Procurement  Support  and  Construction  Supervision  was  finalized  and  a contract agreement was signed (September 2021) with M/s Dar-al-Handasah JV M/s NESPAK (the Consultants)

Reports under review: The JV consultant’s responsibility includes reviewing the earlier work being done on the Yellow BRT project and proposing design solutions based on sustainability and local situations. Initial set of comments have been given to consultants.

Bidding Documents under review:

Technical Evaluation of 5x Proposals of Jam Sadiq Bridge are under review, under the Design-Build mode of procurement, the scope of work includes the construction of a 4-lane new bridge (as proposed in the preliminary design) and the replacement of the existing bridge with a 4-lane new bridge.

Various Issues under consideration for finalizing detailed designs:

-     KE 132 KVA Transmission Line at Korangi 8000 Road

-     PARCO oil pipeline at Korangi 8000 Road

-     Main Trunk sewerage 48” diameter Pipeline at Korangi 8000 Road.

Current Status

Detailed design and Procurement Documents are in Progress with details as under:-

  • Package I: Procurement Documents of Package I, Lot – I and Lot II (Construction of Depot I & II) is in progress. Notice Inviting Tender is scheduled in Month of July 2023.
  • Package III: Final Design and Procurement Documents of BRT Corridor (Korangi 8000 Road) are in progress.
  • Package IV: Technical Evaluation of Jam Sadiq Bridge is in progress and Financial Evaluation followed by Signing of Contract is expected in August


  • Package V: BRT Corridor (KPT interchange – Numaish) is in Priority II task. Design and Procurement Documents are under progress.
  • Package VI: Final Design and Procurement Documents of Off Corridor are in progress.
  • Procurement of Transaction Advisory under PPP Mode for Supply and Operation of Buses for BRT Yellow Line: Request for Proposal has been issued to successful proposers. The last date for submission of proposal is 5th July 2023. Contract Signing is expected in August 2023 after Technical and Financial evaluation.