Established in November 2017 for the purpose of, inter alia, planning, coordinating, constructing, developing, operating, maintaining, monitoring and regulating mass transit systems in the province of Sindh and carrying out all ancillary functions thereto for providing safe, efficient, comfortable, affordable, sustainable and reliable forms of mass transit systems and to make provisions for matters connected therewith or ancillary thereto.

Sindh Mass Transit Authority (SMTA) is committed to provide sustainable modern mass transit system accessible to public to commute safely, timely with reasonable fare. The Authority is successfully delivering policy, regulations and planning of public transport networks for all major cities of Sindh.  Since the establishment of SMTA, the Authority has successfully introduced measures to ease, access and mobility for the public.  In these years, SMTA diligently took actions to ensure that the responsibility of providing safe, accessible and sustainable modern mass transit system is delivered to the public with reasonable fares.

Our Vision:

For all people – not just vehicles – to be able to make their journeys in Karachi on a mass transit system that is efficient, economically and environmentally sustainable, and allows all who need or want to travel, to do so affordably, safely and with dignity.


To deliver and manage this integrated mass transit system, catering to the needs of the ever expanding travelling public and helping Sindh and Karachi emerge with a world class mass transit system.


  • Respect for All; for employees, for travelers, for the environment, for the needs of people with disabilities, older people, women, the young and other special interest groups
  • Professionalism in Code of Conduct: in all areas of operation, ensuring reliability, safety and integrity.
  • High quality of service delivery; adhering to international standards driven by implementation of best practices.